Krumbach Harvesting

What We Do

We spend the summer months harvesting in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Montana.  We combine wheat in all four states, and pulse crops such as peas and lentils in Montana.  We typically begin our summer run the end of May and conclude the harvest in Montana the end of August.  After that we head home where we harvest corn and soybeans around our home area of Parker, SD.  During the winter and spring months we haul grain and fertilizer locally.

About Us

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A Tradition of Harvesting....... 

Bruce's dad, Lee started the custom harvesting business back in 1965 with one machine, a truck, and alot of ambition.
Over the years the business grew.  After years helping in the field, Bruce bought into the business while in High School purchasing a combine and truck.  As time passed, more family came along and now, Bruce's son, Blake, has been a partner in the operation for several years.  Lee has retired from the harvesting, but continues with his farm operation at home.

Since 1965